Film critics running scared!

Film critics are now scared of giving low ratings / stars and even slightly negative reviews. All newcomers’ movies will be rated very highly by all them in future. So be careful which movie you go to see in theaters. All established star movies especially the Khan movies will be reviewed negatively. That doesn’t mean…

World Bank report warns of risk to India!

Totally wrong report. Completely prejudiced… Totally wrong report. Completely prejudiced against India. Economy is showing chocolate brown roots, chutney green shoots, parrot green stems, emerald green leaves, brick brown branches and lotus white flowers. Five trillion nectar-sweet fruits arriving soon with Achche Din and Ram Rajya! Hold your breath and wait for it! Coming soon,…

Pay for hurting people!

When you find yourself in a prolonged spell of hardship or sorrow in life, stop cursing your luck and asking ‘Why me’? Instead, examine your deeds of the past and ask yourself whether you have knowingly and wantonly troubled or hurt someone by your actions or words. And if you have, confess, at least to…

Novel way to reduce burden on children!

This way ‘to reduce the burden on children’ is more novel than the novel Corona virus itself!!!! I hope that it lasts only till a Covid vaccine or cure is found. But…..

Real investigation or election jhumla?

Well, the timing of this investigation is more than a bit suspect, but welcome nonetheless. Let’s see where this goes – just another jumla before the Bihar election or this one turns up something concrete. 6 years and nothing has happened to the Gandhis.