Akshay Kumar movie – Laxmi!

Just saw Akshay Kumar’s Laxmii movie. Do they really think that portraying transgenders in such a horrific, grotesque and frightening way is going to get them more understanding and acceptance in society? This is one of the most offensive, insulting and exploitive movies made on the Kinnar community. There is already a lot of misinformation and wrong ideas about Kinnars in Indian society. This movie is just going to enforce it. Tell me, next time you see a Kinnar, are you going to think of them as normal people like you and me, or are you going to think wierd thoughts about them as portrayed in the film and get more scared?

Bollywood will stop at nothing to make money. The damage they cause to Indian society with movies like this far outweighs the harm they cause with the drug and sex stories in their industry.

And incidentally, there was nothing anti-Hindu in the movie. It was a mediocre, stupid and typically brainless movie that only Bollywood can make.

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