Rear-view driving!

Stop resurrecting useless things from India’s past while the present and future of this country is precariously hanging in the balance.

This is like trying to drive forward while constantly looking into the rearview mirror and blackening out the windshield. It will only end in driving the country into a ditch. The choice is yours; the consequences are not.

We have already spent decades and decades bitterly fighting with each other to demolish and build one temple. India has thousands and thousands of temples. Is that not enough?

There are so many challenges staring at us – immediately Corona and the distribution of the vaccine, and generally the economy, unemployment, illiteracy, population, poverty, social equality and justice, just to name a few. Building another temple is not going to help resolving any of these issues.

Learn and remember the lessons of the past so that it never happens again, but we have to forget the past itself. Above all, we have to stop obsessing about the past and re-living it all the time.

Aurangazeb died over 300 years back and the Mughals soon after that. Let them go now. The way we keep digging them up, even they must be regretting having come to India!🤣

Let this not remain a one-way conversation! Your opinions are welcome, especially if you don't agree!!