Priyanka Chopra’s surrogacy decision is her personal choice – my article on

A couple of days ago, Priyanka Chopra and her husband, Nick Jonas, announced that they had welcomed their first child through surrogacy. The outpouring of criticism and resentment on social media has been unbelievable. The reasons for the criticism are wide ranging. The main objection seems to center around their preference for surrogacy over adoption. Some…

Novel way to reduce burden on children!

This way ‘to reduce the burden on children’ is more novel than the novel Corona virus itself!!!! I hope that it lasts only till a Covid vaccine or cure is found. But…..

Real investigation or election jhumla?

Well, the timing of this investigation is more than a bit suspect, but welcome nonetheless. Let’s see where this goes – just another jumla before the Bihar election or this one turns up something concrete. 6 years and nothing has happened to the Gandhis.

No, no home invasion!

To all my friends, relatives and acquaintances: I want to assure you all that the house I am staying in is completely secure and safe. No burglar has entered or has been able to take over or burglarize this house. The burglars had evil intentions, but the inhabitants of this house gave them a befitting…