Same same, no change!

I want to go back and review the media coverage of great events over the last 25-50 years or so like the financial crises, 9/11, swine flu, SARS, MERS etc. I wonder if I will find pretty much the same voice bytes – the reporting, analysis, the longwinded predictions and prophecies of pundits and the naysayers, the conspiracy theorists and the vicious stratagems and corruption of our politicians. Maybe even the words will match!
And, as in those horrific events and the related forecasts of doom and predicted changes to definitions of normalcy, once a vaccine or cure or after some financial stimuli is delivered to the favored industries, and all the lip service and charity has been doled out to the poor, and all the funds have been suitably allocated to the right pockets – it will suddenly all fall magically into place and we can all go back to being what we were and are….
Who talks of previous wars when there is peace? Who talks of past epidemics and pandemics when the current one has been cured? Who talks of past forest fires and hurricanes once the season changes?
Very soon there will be more interesting news, it will be Trump vs Biden, BJP vs Congress, Hindus vs Muslims, patriots vs traitors, us vs them etc. Back to the way we were, back to the skins we are comfortable in.
Till the next time…..

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