Ban the ban

It is not healthy for a country to ban anything, be it a speech, book, publication, movie, show etc. based on public sentiment. All ideas and opinions must be allowed to be aired, however extreme, even if they are totally wrong, as long as they do not threaten or incite violence, or compromise the security of the population or the country.

The public has the freedom to not read or watch just as the writer or creator has the freedom to write or create. It is also the public’s right to condemn such shows or writings, even if such criticism is baseless. Don’t read the book. Don’t watch the show. Anything beyond that means stifling creativity.

That is what freedom in a democracy is all about. That is what makes a country flourish.

Societies that ban things remain backward, impoverished, dysfunctional and prone to violence. Nothing creative comes out of them.

Unfortunately, the opposite is happening in India now. Speeches that incite and egg on people to violence are not being banned, but shows that air contrary opinions or highlight uncomfortable issues are being threatened with a ban.

It does not augur well for our country. We have 1.3 billion opinions on almost everything and each has a right to be heard. Ban the ban.

Let this not remain a one-way conversation! Your opinions are welcome, especially if you don't agree!!