Nothing is personal or private!

How can a TV channel obtain the bank statement of a deceased customer?How can a bank release the statement? How can the channel air and discuss its contents openly?

That is how lax India’s privacy laws are. That is the disdain with which we treat personal and private matters – of others.

The channel’s anchors have been sermonizing about how media is sensationalizing and making use of a suicide for ratings! But they can debate about a dead person’s personal and financial details on national televison?

The Bank management and staff, the channel’s management, the anchors who discussed it on air and the reporters who ferreted out confidential information – of them must be prosecuted and thrown in jail.

We are tolerant about the worst things in this country.
Let’s not even talk about our intolerance….

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  1. Is the “Janta “ blissfully ignorant about privacy!!
    I was told -“That’s how it is in India”. So they are resigned to it!! They are not even looking for change !

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