Bollywood pushing me out!

I dont know anybody in Bwood, leave alone SSR or his family or his girlfriends (I wish) or their families. I feel the whole of Bwood, the movie mafia, insiders and outsiders all together, have conspired to keep me out of Bwood though I was never interested to get into it in the first place. Like, I am not even trying to get into the train and they are trying to push me out of the train!

So therefore I think I am eminently qualified to make unsubtantiated allegations and accusatory statements to the press, to the media, to the Kanyakumari police department and the Andaman tribal chief and anybody who has a lovely malicious talent for spreading gossip. But nobody is interested in talking to me, listening to me or even knowing who I am.

I think this is a big conspiracy to keep me from revealing everything I know, which is nothing.

I’m late for my appointment, can somebody drive me to the asylum please?

Let this not remain a one-way conversation! Your opinions are welcome, especially if you don't agree!!