Mask on my face? Never!

America is forever pushing the envelope when it comes to personal freedom!

My mask protects me, but it protects you more. Your mask protects you, but it protects me more. Both our masks work together to protect both of us.

Yes, I am free to stay at home and avoid any risk. But maybe I do want to be free to go out. But if a hundred people gather outside my home without masks, it restricts my freedom to go out too. If all of us wear masks, we can all enjoy the outdoors, right?

Why is that so difficult to understand?

BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) Tweeted:

“You call me selfish for not wearing a mask? You’re the one who’s trying to force me [to wear] a medical procedure”

Anti-mask activists rally at a restaurant in Florida, where nearly 300,000 cases of coronavirus across the state

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