USA overturns Roe v Wade!

The United States Supreme Court has today overturned Roe vs Wade, a 1973 case that ensured recognition of womens’ constitutional right to abortion! This effectively strikes down federal abortion rights that were thought to be settled law of the land.

Though this was expected thanks to documents leaked a few weeks back, this is still a shocking and shameful reversal of long standing abortion rights. For all one knows, it may have been a planned leak to test the waters and check the appetite and pulse of the American public. Be that as it may, abortion regulation will now revert back to the states, each of which will now be free to set their own rules and restrictions.

Most states have what is called ‘trigger’ abortion laws that will automatically go into force the instant federal laws are overturned. These laws are usually highly restrictive in Republican states. Some Democratic states too have trigger laws that will make abortion legal but unfortunately, most American states are Republican.

Some 36 million women will now lose abortion rights as per Planned Parenthood, the federally funded non-profit organization that provides comprehensive and insurance covered health care and abortion services.

The same Supreme Court just last week struck down gun control laws in NY thus expanding gun rights!

Both these moves were possible due to the 3 highly conservative SC judges appointed by Trump. All 3 swore under oath during their confirmation hearings that they would not strike down abortion laws. Yet they have gone ahead to knock them down.

Of course, there is a terrible political angle to this too. Republicans are being exposed very badly in the ongoing Jan 6th hearings and Trump in particular and many of his closest cronies look to be increasingly in danger of prosecution. Republicans (that is, the ones who can still think) are also turning away from Trump following these hearings.

These two moves by the SC about gun and abortion laws are in major part an attempt to bring back those voters and divert attention from the damning relevations that have surfaced in the hearings. The 3 SC judges are repaying their debt of gratitude to Trump – in spades!

Just goes to show how deeply Trump has infiltrated and corrupted the vaunted institutions of America and how compromised even the SC now is.

What is next on the anvil: Most certainly, LGBTQ rights, Same sex marriage and contraception. A Supreme Court judge has already openly advocated for this.

The Republicans are pulling out all the stops in their quest to win back the House and Senate in the mid term elections this November.

Joe Biden has assured America that his Administration will take whatever action is necessary to defend and protect women from overreaching state laws.

Nevertheless today, I am angry and indeed ashamed of America!🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭

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