Unbelievable! Kapil being mean to Sachin!

What’s going on? Suddenly, everyone’s being mean to each other! What a ridiculous thing to say!

It’s like saying, Kapil Dev could not convert 2-fors and 3-fors to 5-fors and could not convert the 5-fors wickets to 10 wickets! He took 9 wickets in an innings once but could not covert it into 10 wickets! He took 434 wickets but could not covert it into 500 wickets! A bowler of his caliber should have taken at least 600-700 wickets! Kapil himself scored 27 fiftys and only 15 hundreds! In my books he is as great as Tendulkar but he didn’t know how to convert those 27 fiftys to 100’s, did he?

So every batsman who got out after scoring a century did not know how to get to a double! Of all people, Sachin! That sounds ridiculous!


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