The dumbing down of society!

Have you noticed? We don’t register, understand or react to any written statement unless it is followed by an emoji. For example, if I post ‘I am happy’, there will hardly be any reaction. But if I post the same with some silly emoji like 🤣 or 🥳, then immediately people will start asking you ‘What?’ ‘How?’ ‘Why’.

Or, if I post a sarcastic statement, it will possibly be ignored, but if I were to suffix it with an emoji like🤪 or 😛 or something equally silly, then people will start jumping up and down and add their own sillier emojis like 😤, 😡, 🤯 etc.

A statement like ‘I like this’ has no value without 👍 or 👋 or even 🙏. It is specially hurtful with humor. I post a joke and nobody laughs until I put an inane emoji like 🤣 or 😂. It’s almost as if I have to say ‘Please laugh. This is a joke’. Then everybody gets tickled and shower me with their own 🤪🤪🤪. Like that digital laughter they have on television comedy shows to prompt the audience to laugh!
It’s almost as if people have to hit us on the head with few clarifying emojis, otherwise things can’t go past our skull.

Like our Bollywood films need the hero or heroine to howl their hearts out, spout copious tears and sing some looong droopy song to convey their emotions, we need a handful of emojis to go with our written language.

Language ke subzi mein emoji ka tadka nahi lagega to kaise chalega, bhai!

In other words, we are becoming idiots, plain and simple. Here, take your pick🤯😂😫🥰😍😊🤪😎🤓🧐🤨🤩😱😰😨🥶👹🤯

Let this not remain a one-way conversation! Your opinions are welcome, especially if you don't agree!!