Open letter to Mr. Joe Biden

Dear Mr. Biden,

My great grandfather’s great grandfather’s father in law’s sister’s uncle landed as a penniless destitute immigrant in the great city of Amador City, California (area .8 square kms, population 190 today) and was given a lettuce-catsup burger by a kindhearted gentleman, which he consumed without the bread (since he was a vegetarian and bread has egg).

That heart wrenching story has been handed down generation to generation in our clan, and even today clan members all over the world fast that whole day every year and eat only lettuce and catsup.

You will appreciate how that story makes me feel a profound bond and kinship in my soul with that great state and its people and I therefore wish to assure you that, for that reason alone, I will be voting for Ms. Harris this November.

Thank you,
An idli-eating south indian well wisher

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