NRIs supporting Trump

Frankly, most NRIs in the US dont care about social issues like abortion, guns, voting rights, LGBTQ and same sex marriage, racism, climate change etc. I am not talking about the Indians born and/or brought up there, I am talking about the ones who have gone there as adults and settled for the long term. They dont care too much about economic policies or taxes either – they know they will prosper whatever the conditions because they are mostly well qualified and in solid white collar jobs or businesses. Also, they are experts at exploting loopholes in the law to their own advantage. They dont care about American politics or Dem / Rep policies too much either.

This being so, there is one and only one reason for their massive support for Trump – his opposition to Islam, Islamic countries and immigrants from there. He also seems to be against Pakistan and was/is good friends with PM Modi which basically ties into the same thing.

There is no other reason to support Trump, since they really dont care about anything else.

What these NRIs dont realize is that Trump’s relationships are very transactional and driven only by his own desire for votes and popularity. He knows that the Indian community has deep pockets and will not hesitate to reach into them. But he will switch sides in a flash if it suits him. He has demonstrated that during Covid times when he threatened India for vaccine supply.

American international diplomacy, especially with non-Western countries, is based solely on national self-interest and not by any long term sense of loyalty. Trump underlines that attitude by also being totally self-centered, dishonest, unprincipled and unscruplous.

Well, every donkey has to learn from its own kick and I hope these NRIs will. But having seen how blind and fantatic ideology can be, that is highly unlikely.

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