Instant Life!

I happened to be looking at my Savings and Credit Card account statements today and all I can see is Amazon, BigBasket, Amazon, BigBasket, Swiggy, Zomato, FlipKart….repeat ad infinitum!

And I don’t think it’s just me. If I stand at my gate, I can see these guys dropping off package after package through the day late into the night at some house or the other and scooting off, like flights landing and taking off every other minute at a busy airport! I am so impatient with most things these days, but I am willing to sit at home between 7 am and 9 pm for a package which I know will be delivered precisely at 8:59 pm! The Amazon / FlipKart guys don’t even call me if I don’t answer the door – they know they can always drop it off with the istriwallah or the watchman of so-and-so building or the paan-beedi shop guy – in that order! They have my Preferences all worked out for me!

Some guy is making a small fortune just by picking up discarded cardboard cartons from my street every night. A couple of weeks back, I put some old clothes in a box and kept it out. In the morning, the box was gone and the clothes had been thrown out on the street! I have seen one of the box magnates have an intense whispering conversation with the regular garbage collection tycoon – some kind of multi-million dollar deal being negotiated, I think!

I remember my Mom used to be so organized. She went to the grocery shop once and only once a month and ordered everything in a meticulous and well thought over list she had made. Today, I put oil in the kadhai on the gas and then rush to order rai and jeera instant from BB! I’ve even ordered instant BB twice a day!

This damn 30 min delivery thing is making me house-ridden! I don’t go out to buy anything these days. And because BB has a Rs.100 minimum for free delivery, I buy things that I will need maybe 3 months later just to get to that amount! My kitchen shelves are full of masalas that I will probably not even be able to use this year. My bathroom shelves have so many tubes of toothpaste and soaps and lotions and I even found a bottle of shampoo….Wait….What? Shampoo? What the hell did I need Shampoo for? I’m bald! (No, no, correction, I just currently sport the bald look! It’s ishtyle, not majboori!)

Oh one minute, speaking of baldness, I forgot to order my razors. Be right back….

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