India makes progress on LGBTQ / Transgender issues! Thanks to Bollywood!

I saw the movie Badhai Do yesterday and Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui a few days back. Just some random thoughts based on those movies:

I think India is becoming far more progressive and liberal on LGBTQ and Transgender issues than the US, which seems to be regressing on all LGBTQ, Transgender and Abortion issues. The US that was once the bastion of personal choice and individual freedom is now going backwards, thanks to some very conservative legislators especially in red states like Florida, Texas, Georgia and Iowa. Cinema is a powerful medium and I am really happy to see these issues being openly discussed in these Indian movies. Of course, you can see the hesitation and awkwardness in the story telling and the attempt to lighten the topic by infusing some comedy even in serious situations. But in time, these movies will become braver, bolder and more serious. Who the hell has the right to say who should love whom? All love is good! All power to these movies and their makers! May more and more such movies be made!💪🌈🏳️‍🌈

Let this not remain a one-way conversation! Your opinions are welcome, especially if you don't agree!!