Happy Mother’s Day

Just a few days back, my brother was reminiscing about when he took Mom to Breach Candy Hospital for her first MRI for a condition that would painfully take her life very soon.

An MRI machine was something totally new and seemed like a space-age, scary machine and my brother was worried about how Mom would take it. When she was done, my brother anxiously asked her about how it was since she seemed tense and preoccupied. Her reaction was nonchalant. “I don’t know. There was a lot of noise”. A second later she said, “But oh! I forgot to put rice in the (electric) cooker for dinner”.

That is Mom for you. Always the children, always the home, always the family. Here she was, just out of what should have been a terrifying experience, but all she must have worried about inside the MRI machine was how dinner was going to be late for the kids.

God uses a special material to make Mothers. And only when they are gone, do we realize how much of the space in our lives and our hearts is taken up by them and nurtured and protected by their endless love and care. That space remains empty and forlorn and bereft forever.

Today, even as I approach the age she was when she died, there is not a day when I don’t feel like running to her and keeping my head on her lap and closing my eyes and feeling the magic of her hand on my forehead solving every problem in my world….

Come back, Mom, come back please, just to put the rice in the cooker, just to cradle me for minute and then you can leave….for today…..
Missing you so much. Mom……

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