02/08/2004                                          Whod’ve thought?



I don’t see what the fuss is about Janet Jackson’s latest achievement. It’s all part of cultural evolution. Let me explain.


Ever noticed how today’s dance movements are all centered around the area between the hips and the thighs? And it’s just not the movements. Suppose you could see songs from the last fifty years in sequence, you’d notice how things have changed - the clothes, the lyrics, the movements, the gestures. They began by shaking the outer extremities, like the arms and the legs and the head and gradually started going downwards and upwards and inwards, as the case may be. I think the world’s culture is moving, or should I say, gyrating towards where it all started - with Adam and Eve.


My generation is shocked by what we see on screen today. Even so, I hardly notice certain things that must have positively scandalized the previous generation. So it will be with the next generation and the next after the next. Sexposure of the Janet Jackson kind will become a routine part of dancing, no pun intended. In fact, it might even be boring. Whod’ve thought? All I can say is those nudist camp guys were way ahead of their time.


And while on the subject, there’s been a lot about people being offended by what she did and about people filing lawsuits. Heck, I’d like to file a lawsuit too – for doing what she did without prior intimation. Darn it, I missed the program!