Peace, progress and brotherhood not good for India


Do you know that India has solved all its problems? We have solved our problems of poverty, of population, of literacy, of corruption, of disease, of casteism, of infrastructure, of chronic water, power, gas shortages, of pollution, of the environment, of flooding, of famine, of housing etc. Yes, let me repeat that for the whole world to hear - India has solved all its problems. This country is now a heaven of comfort, indeed, of luxury. We do not have any more problems to solve or a care in the world. The whole world looks up to us in awe and respect for guidance, so that they may create a similar heaven in their countries.


And now since we have solved all our problems, we had to take out a Rath Yatra. That has become the top priority for the nation. Iíll explain why.


Actually, because of the luxurious standard of daily life, we have become lazy, greedy, overfed heathens and sinners, without a single spiritual thought. This has made us devote time to our lives and family. People have started looking after themselves, trying to improve the quality of their lives, trying to study more, work harder and earn more so their family and children can also lead a better life. The economy is booming and the country is being recognized as a potential powerhouse. Also, people have learned to live with each other in peace, irrespective of each otherís language or spirituality.


Peace can sometimes be very bad for human beings. It makes us calm, content and complacent. But this is not good for the countryís spirituality.


Also, because of this peace, it has been a long time since India has seen any public action on the streets. There was a time when we used to do everything publicly, on the streets, in front of the worldís television cameras, so that every country knew how efficiently and energetically we took action to confront and get rid of our problems. Particularly, we solved all our religious problems on the road, in full view of the world, openly and with courage, never hiding our deep spirituality and faith. We were so proud of ourselves! Remember how we solved the Babri Masjid problem?


But recently, we have become too selfish and have started hiding ourselves and our spiritual virtues in the privacy of our own homes and prayer rooms, not sharing it with anybody. Unless you display your spirituality, wear it on your sleeve, or color your clothes in it, how are other people going to recognize, respect or fear you? It seems Indians have no time for anything but peace, progress and brotherhood.


It also seems as if people will not wake up and act unless you prod them and rouse their passions. It is okay if you are not able to feed them, clothe them or give them opportunities to build a home. If you manage to provide a healthy dose of spirituality once in a while, it is enough to make them heated and impassioned. Once we can fan the passion into flames that can set fire to the country, we can easily bring the nation back to what it should be. If you are the kind of leader that can sufficiently fan those flames, then there is a good chance you will their hearts and their souls, and of course, their votes.


So our leaders have decided that it is high time to swing into action again, to go on a rath yatra and stir up the masses into some public action.


Just watch how Shri Rathadhari Yatradhari Shee Lal Krishna Advani, our great spiritual leader, rouses some of our countrymen into action. Very soon, they will be willing to spill blood, their own and that of others, on the streets to wash it clean of the remnants of peace and brotherhood. After that, Shri Raktadhari Katladhari Lal Krishna Advani can win the election and become the Prime Minister of post-peace, post-progress post-brotherhood post-everything India, throw away all what has been so wastefully and painstakingly achieved, and lead our country back up the path to its rightful spiritual destiny of becoming a true Hindu Rashtra.


Our infrastructure is perfect, with the best roads, bridges and tunnels. Our buildings are made of the best and most advanced material and never collapse. Moreover, we donít have temples in India. Our eyes are just thirsting to see a temple, just one temple at least. It is now time to turn to the building of the temple. Like the Rath Yatra, the temple is also the top priority.


No wonder Sir Advani began his yatra from the land of Gandhi and Godhra.