Election selections


Americans puzzle me at times but their election system puzzles me even more. Ever see one of those Democrat party debates on television? Aren’t these guys supposed to be from the same party? The way they hang on to each other’s jugular, I wonder how they will work with the guy who finally wins the nomination. I guess they’ll all drop their accusations and start extolling his virtues overnight. And we’ll all live happily ever after.


The personal attacks had become so vitriolic that on Sunday last, Howard Dean has to ask all the candidates if they would support and work with the candidate who wins. Of course, all of them raised their hands. As if any wouldn’t. Reminds of the time immediately after the Enron etc. scandals broke, when corporate executives were asked to swear that they did not do anything wrong. Sometimes Americans can be so simple and naďve.


Dean also announced that he’s going to start referring to religion when he speaks in the South. Maybe he should start his party meetings every morning with prayer like Bush does. At least then he can say he stands a prayer of a chance.


But seriously, aren’t we seeing a parallel between this and what happened in India in the last elections in Gujarat? Seeing the BJP / NDS using the religion card successfully, Sonia Gandhi tried the same by launching her campaign from a temple. Well, she was routed.